Catocala 1999

Mothman617 mothman617 at
Sun Aug 1 21:10:36 EDT 1999

This year is quite exceptional for collecting Catocala (Underwing moths). The
season for these is quite early. I went sugaring for these on July 22, it was a
hot , humid night with severe thunderstorms approaching, C. ilia, C. epione, C.
amica and C. crataegei were literally swarming at bait. I counted up to at
least 70 C. ilia. Day searching has been excellent in hardwood forests of Oak
and Hickory in eastern Massachusetts. Species collected include C. subnata, C.
cerogamma, C. paleogamma, C. retecta, C. relicta, C. mira, C. unijuga, C.
connubialis, C. ultronia, C. concumbens, C. serena, C. muliercula, C.
praeclara, C. residua and Euparthanos nubilis (Locust Underwing). Blacklight
collecting has also been good. I will have many of these for exchange if anyone
is interested. I am currently looking for Catocalae from the deep south I.E. -
C. sappho, C. ulaume or the western U.S. I.E. - C. babayaga etc. I should be
able to exchange by early Sept.

M. Arey

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