evolution in KS

James J. Kruse kruse at nature.berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 12 23:37:06 EDT 1999

Phooey. I must apologize to the list. I think that this topic _is_
appropriate to _any_ list that deals in biology, but I did not intend to
incite a debate on evolution vs creationism. My father is a pastor, so
believe me, I have been through all of this to _extreme_ nausia, and to be
totally honest, I don't care. These arguments have wrecked too many
Thanksgivings and Christmases with the family. Bottom line is that folks
will believe what they want, and usually cannot be convinced otherwise. My
only request is that if there are to be these sorts of arguments on the
list is that they be as intelligently formulated as they have so far.

My posting was more of a reaction to an example of 'thought police'. I
think that people should be exposed to a variety of theories in school and
be allowed to subscribe to whatever theory they desire, provided they can
defend their position intelligently. Disallowing the instruction in
certain theories because you (or your group) disagree and therefore you do
not want anyone to hear about any of the competing theories is deeply
revolting to me. It shows that these folks pulling the strings in Kansas
do not believe that people are intelligent enough to make up their own
minds about this. Moreover it shows their _fear_ that more people will
not subscribe to their position. Power through ignorance. ooh raaah. What
a rally cry. Almost as good as all the military people yelling, 'to the
brothel!' Oh well, back to butterfly lists (which I like, no cut here).

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