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Pierre Zagatti zagatti at versailles.inra.fr
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Jonathan Sylvestre wrote:

> ...
> In case there are Creationist here, I have a question for you :
> If god created all animals and plants at the same time, can you explain why
> we were not contemporary with dinosaur ???

I don't really know what is the 'modern theory of Creation' because this subject

is totally off-topic for European people (apparently), but I just read a very
interesting book on the history of creationism (and lamarckism and darwinism).
It is the Fate of the Mammoth by Catherine Jacob (maybe not translated in
English yet).

For creationists of the 18th and early 19th centuries, man was really
contemporary with
dinosaurs, they thought they were living under the oceans and the first
skeletons that were found
on the earth were remains of the Deluge. These creationists never admitted the
of species, because it was an offense: God created all creatures as perfect.

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