evolution in KS

Mothman617 mothman617 at aol.com
Fri Aug 13 20:52:21 EDT 1999

Lets try another twist. Ask any "conservative member of society how they
represent "God" and who/what "God" is. They will likely give an anthropomorphic
description of "God". (as a person). whom we should submit to, and take every
word written in the Bible (written by men) seriously. Thus making people "God
fearing". All this is a way for people to control other people, read your
history It has been done throughout the ages. I am not saying religion is a bad
thing. Religion gives many people good feelings, hope and happiness. And gives
society many good virtues to make us "Human". It is just sad to think that some
people use religion as a tool to control our lives and intellectual thoughts.
Look at the Taliban (Islamic extremists) of Iran and Afghanistan whom resort to
oppression, murder and torture in the name of "God". Whole civilizations have
fallen due to christian extremists - The Incas, Aztecs, Maya,and a huge number
of North American Indian Civilizations whom had their own personal reference to
"God". God I think is everything, everywhere. God is not a person with a white
beard and a golden gilded robe. God is the universe, God is mathematics, God is
ecology, God is time, God is chemistry, God is physics, God is noble gasses,
God is organic compounds, God is biology, God is ecology. God is black holes,
God is thermonuclear detonations, God is the lint my girlfriend picks out of my
bellybutton. God is sauce used in a BIG MAC, God is antimatter. God is the
stars. God is certainly evolution. Sorry I sent my messeage out on the LepList.
I had to get my point across.

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