Schinia ID

Troy Bartlett bartlett at
Sun Aug 15 13:46:26 EDT 1999

I've just taken a photo of what I believe to be a Schinia moth.  Looking
through Covell's Eastern Moths (a Peterson Field Guide), it looks like
Schinia trifascia, and the range agrees with my Northeast Georgia location.
 However, the guide notes that only 14 of 40 Schinia species are
represented.  Looking on the web, I found a photo of Schinia grandimedia
( which
also looks like it.  In fact, I can't tell a difference just by comparing
the photos, and I have no textual notes on the grandimedia (e.g. range).

Does anyone have access to something other than my Peterson's guide that
can tell me if there are any other species similar to Schinia trifascia in
my area (NE GA), and how I might differentiate them.

I captured the moth, but I was hoping to ID it and then release it.
Troy Bartlett
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