LepSoc Post Meeting Trip to Sonora(Long) Pt.3

Hank & Priscilla Brodkin hankb at theriver.com
Sun Aug 15 23:52:41 EDT 1999

White Peacock (Anartia jatrophae) singles seen (P,Y)
Tropical Buckeye (Junonia genoveva) a few seen at most stops- not coast
Red-faced Satyr (Gyrocheilus rubrofasciata) several (M)
American Snout (Libytheana carinenta) common except coast
Dull Firetip (Pyrrhopyge araxes) 1 (M)
Acacia Skipper (Cogia hippalus) 1 (T)
Brown-banded Skipper (Timochares ruptifasciatus) 1 (W)
Wind's Skipper (Windia windi) 1(W)
Desert Cloudywing (Achalrus casica) Larva (T)
Northern Cloudywing (Thorybes pylades) a couple (M)
White-patched Duskywing (Chiomara georgina) 1 (P)
Funereal Duskywing (Erynnis funeralis) common everywhere
Zilpa Longtail (Chiodes zilpa) singles (Y,M)
White-striped Longtail (C. catillus 1 (T)
Dorantes Longtail (Urbanus dorantes) several seen - not on coast
Brown Longtail (U.procne) 1 (P)
Golden-headed Scallopwing (Staphylus ceos) 2 (Y,T)
Wind's Silverdrop (Epargyreus windi) a couple of flyby's (Y)
Common Sootywing (Pholisora cattullus) several - except on coast
Emorsa Spurwing (Antigonus emorsa) common except on coast
Dark Spurwing (A. funebris) 1 (W)
Golden Banded-Skipper (Autochton cellus) a couple (M)
White Checkered-Skipper (Pyrgus albescens) several (Y,S,M)
Desert Checkered-Skipper (P. philetas) 1 (W)
Arizona Skipper (Codatractus arizonensis) 1 (S)
Common Mottled-Skipper (C. melon) not uncommon.  Not on coast
Laviana White-Skipper (Heliopetes laviana) 1 (T)
Many-spotted Skipperling (Piruna aea mexicana) several (M)
Miller's Skipperling (P. millerorum) 1 (M)
Sina Skipperling (P. sina) 3 (M)
Tropical Least Skipper (Ancyloxpha arene) few (P)
Brazilian Skipper (Calpodes ethlius) 1 (S)
Orange Skipper (Copaeodes aurantiacus) few (K)
Southern Skipper (C. minimus) 1 (T)
Eufala Skipper (Lerodea eufala) several (K,P,W,Y)
Edward's Skipper (Oarisma edwardsii) 1 (S)
Wandering Skipper (Panoquina errans) a few (K)
Carus Skipper (Polites carus) singles (Y,M)
Nora's Skipper (P. norae) several (K)
Gala Mellana ("Mellana" gala) (Y)
Bronze Roadside-Skipper (Amblscirtes aenus) a couple (Y,M)
Prenda Roadside-Skipper (Amlyscirtes toteca prenda) common - except

Any errors are my own. Corrections welcomed!
A great group of people and a great leader.  Thanks, Jim!!

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