George B. Lutman gbl at atomic.net
Thu Aug 19 10:07:32 EDT 1999

I will be glad when this creationism vs evolution thread wears itself

My father, a very smart man,  told me that the God planted fossils
around so that the
unbelievers would doubt the bible. I don't think anyone could have ever
convinced him that evolution was true and I don't think that any number
of letters to this list will convince any believer that evolution is
true. So it is a waste of time and space. As time passes and as people
develop they begin to see things for themselves, if they are willing to
let go of their security blankets and face their fears.

This is basically a discussion about religion so let's put these letters

in a religion list and get back to the butterflies.

George Lutman
gbl at atomic.net

gbl at atomic.net

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