libraries and evolution teaching

Mark Walker MWalker at
Fri Aug 20 19:24:24 EDT 1999

I'm very sorry to all who have grown tired of this exchange, but I just
can't let ignore this latest post by my friend Neil from across the ocean:

He wrote:

> Firstly your logic is plainly false. If I am lying then I must believe
> that what I am saying is untrue. It is patently obvious that 
> I do believe it.

Well, actually it is possible to propagate a lie even if you don't realize
that it is indeed a lie.  I contend that all it has to be is FALSE.  You're
right - it is patently obvious that I am not going to convince you of this.
The melting of hardened hearts is yet another thing that falls into the
divine realm - I am powerless alone.

> If you believe that "creation science" is valid then where is 
> your evidence?
> It is my contention that it has been conclusively proved that it is a 
> total load of rubbish!
> I have produced evidence that in order to be a member of the 
> " creation

You have produced no such evidence.  You may think that your evolution posts
have presented some stunning evidence, but you are mislead.
> scientists'" association that one has to believe in a creed 
> derived from
> the mystical beliefs of Hebrew tribes people. This is totally 
> contrary to
> proper scientific principles.
> > You are, like me, nothing but a chunk of meat - organic 
> material destined to
> > decay back into dust.
> Yes that's right. It doesn't bother me.

Believe it or not, I wasn't addressing whether or not this bothers you.  I
was addressing how silly it is for a piece of organic meat to sit around and
discuss how much wisdom it has and how much knowledge it has of the origin
of species.  It's ludicrous.  Apparently, you don't see it...

>   Can't you see the ridiculous presumptuousness of such
> > statements? 
> Look. It is pointless you making ad-hominem attacks. IF you have proof
> that "Creation Science" is valid then post it. But remember 
> the last time!

I have no idea of what you are referring to as far as "the last time", but
again you must think that we've debated this issue and that you have won
some sort of victory.  Sorry, but I have never debated this issue with you,
nor do I intend to.  I don't need to convince you of anything - I'm only
supposed to be a reminder of where you should choose to turn when your tower
of Babel falls to pieces.  Just call on His name.  He's waiting.

> You have no evidence to back your assertion. I assert 
> "Creation Science"
> is a FRAUD. The evidence for evolution is overwhelming. Just 
> look for example
> at the Peppered Moth (Biston betularia).

Actually, I have all of the evidence I need - I just haven't chosen to share
it with you.  I must say, however, that if you think the Peppered Moth
provides some overwhelming evidence of evolution, then I know that there is
no need for me to debate this with you anyhow.  Talk about rubbish.  That's
not even an example of mutation.  Try again.

No, on second thought - don't.

> > 
> > Peace (which IS of God)
> Like in Northern Ireland?

No, actually the peace of God is absolute.  What's going on in Northern
Ireland is of man - another screwup wrongly being attributed to God.


Mark Walker.

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