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> > The evidence is patent nonsense.
> >
> >The biblical account of creation IS NOT compatable with science.
> >ALL the so called scientific evidence has been demonstrated conclusively
> >to be invalid or even fraudulent. Just because someone has initials
> >after their name doesn't mean they should be believed.
> >
> >Creation Science is, as I have said before, a FRAUD. It is not science
> >at all but Hebrew Mythology in mascarade. If you are to give a balanced
> >view why not that of Norse Mythology or Greek Mythology or Egyptian
> >or Sumerian Mythology?
> Actually Mythology can be based on factual happenings.  I agree a broader
> as you suggest should be given.
>  The only difference is that some people still
> >believe that the primitive tribal stories of the ancient Hebrews are
> >literally true. There are a lot of people who believe this and you
> >might even say that there is one born every minute. This does not
> >make it good science. Science is based on a logical system of
> >proof, mythologies are not.
> One must remember there is a difference between mythology and religion.
No one
> is expected to believe a myth.  A religious belief is on faith alone
>  A scientific belief is by  proof based on observed fact.
> In both cases of religion and science there are belifs present and these
may or
> may not be factual in an ultimate sense.
> >
> >If Creationism is a science. What discovered facts have caused the
> >creed it promotes to change? Or if there aren't any what facts if
> >they were discovered could cause it to change?
> >
> >If there any feature of creationism that is subject to scientific test?
> Creationism regarding certain christian sects can only be a religion.  But
> we actually defined "Creationism" as pertains this discussion.
> >
> >Why do some christians belive in evolution?
> Biblical account is rather diffuse on the creation of the world.  It says
> created the world but not how it was done.  It should be noted that
> encloses the concept of time.  Therefore time was one of the things being
> created. If this is so it may be impossible to find the exact point in
> when creation came into being as time itself was being created.  This may
> enormous implications regarding the structure of this system of reality.
> it appears that the present is the only place things seem to be formed it
> appears that creation may occur in the ever present now.
> It is an ongoing process that every component of creation participates in.
> Separating creation from God may well be impossible as well.  The true
> of these things may well be beyond present human abilities to understand
> >
> >(If I recall correctly Charles Darwin himself had a degree in Theology.)
> >0
> >
> >If creationism is correct. Biological theory is wrong. Cosmological
> >Theory is wrong. Quantum mechanics theory is wrong. Geological theory is
> >wrong.
> This only depends on what particular view point you take. Since the
> involves and covers all these things the basis for them was obviously
> Okay you say it wasn't created?  Why is it here then, something must have
> caused it to happen.
> >
> >>From my point of view on the other side of the
> >Atlantic "Creation Science" is another whacky American idea.
> American?
>  Rather like
> >the ideas of the people who believe that The United Nations is planning
> >to subjugate the population and is spying on them from black helicopters.
> Okay, has anyone spotted suspicious looking black helicopters?  This is
for a
> conspiracy newsgroup for sure!  Actually it is being done by genetically
> engineered black butterflies & moths.   WATCH OUT!
> >
> >
> >--
> >Neil Jones
> S.

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