Plants/flowers to attract butterflies

Vcharny at Vcharny at
Sat Aug 21 09:20:13 EDT 1999

<< I would definitely plan my garden
around the Butterfly Bushes, which are an attractive bush anyway and bloom all

I would add Lantana - it is also very attractive bush and bloom from spring 
to fall. 
Aspecially the kind with orange and yellow.  I have two of this bushes next 
to two Butterfly Bushes and see that Lantana is much more preferable.  
Yesterday during lunch time I saw 15 Pipevine Swallowtails, half dozen Fiery 
Skippers, Long-tail Skipper and American Lady - all on two Lantana bushes 

However I am not good in gardening and do not know where it grow well. 
I see that it is very drought resistant. 

Vitaly Charny,
Birmingham, AL 

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