Science and creationism

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Sun Aug 22 20:26:25 EDT 1999

>Subject: Re: Science and creationism
>From: Neil at  (Neil Jones)
>Date: Sun, 22 August 1999 06:01 PM EDT
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>Some people argue that it is off topic to post about evolution here.
>I would argue that how we educate our younger generation to be better
>biologists ( and  of course this includes Lepidopterists) is very important.
>I tire of the discussion and I endevour here to answer the points raised
>before we move on to fresh topics.

Correct idea.
>To me evolution is a fact. It is demonstrably true and has been demonstrated
>to be true.

This is a statement of faith which is little different than a religious one.  
While it is certainly a good possible explanation there is no proof beyond a
doubt and that is why it is still a theory.  It makes little difference if
people have created interesting superstructures around and relating to it we
could still be misinterpreting information due to some sort of professional or
cultural tunnel vision.  In other words reacting the same as creationists.  

There are other statements that you have made that go so far off topic that it
would be improper to recognize them here and in some cases perhaps not at all.


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