Rain at Last: WHERE ARE YOU

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Good morning all <smile>,

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Michael Gochfeld noted:

>We used to play a bird game.  Somebody would read off a list of >birds
>seen and we would try to guess what part of the country or world they >were
in. In the case of interesting messages regarding local status >of leps, it
would be helpful to provide locational information (at least
>State)---particularly those of us whose memories for prior postings >may be
challenged by advancing age.
>M. Gochfeld
After my modem "fried" I lost the latitude and longitude information Harlen
had been kind enough to forward to me for Antioch, Illinois.  Antioch
proper, located in northeastern Illinois, is west of my Serendipity
Children's Memorial Gardens Foundation project.  I am situated next to the
Illinois/Wisconsin border between Rt. 45 (west) and the I-94(east) highways.
Illinois Rt. 173 and Edwards road are to my south.  Illinois and Wisconsin
maps are very apt to skip my entire area.
Also helpful is knowing my northern border (west stateline road) becomes
North Avenue upon crossing Rt. 45 as you travel in a westerly direction.
Anyone with proper lat/long. may email and I'll add it to my URL/SIG. file .
Thank you for requesting specific location information.  When I last posted
a request for lat/long. data Harlen was out of town and there were no other
responses.  Hopefully the hurricane will soon exit his area.
***Today we have moderate drizzle falling this a.m. and sun expected late
afternoon. Drought cracks in the soil remain at one inch width.  The
mosquitoes have returned with a vengeance.  I've noticed many Common
Sootywings, several fresh Blues,  and Pearly Crescentspots puddling.  These
waste no time, in between sunny periods, sipping at moist spots in the
gravel drive.  With the drought not really over it is really a delight just
to see active lepidoptera!
Bruised and fermenting apples from an old "generic" tree are drawing
Red-spotted Purples.  Tithonia and Buddleia attract Tiger Swallowtails and
Monarch guests.
Skippers and Sulfurs are drawn to several patches of red-top and white Dutch
clover just now coming into blossom.  There has been a huge decrease in
Meadow Fritillary this season quite probably due to the scorched alfalfa
nectar resources.
That's it for now <smile>,
Diane Falk

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