new address

Fri Aug 27 11:04:17 EDT 1999

Dear lepper friends,
	(Hmm . . . bad choice of words!)

	For those of you who care, the Adams' just moved into a 
house.  The address is:

	346 Sunset Drive SE
	Calhoun, GA  30701
	Phone:  (706)602-6993

	We have *lots* of space, so we expect some of you to visit if 
you ever come through.

	Also, in case you haven't noticed the new e-mail address, it is:

		jadams at

	To those of you who don't care, please forgive me for taking up 
space on your computer!


Dr. James K. Adams
Dept. of Natural Science and Math
Dalton State College
213 N. College Drive
Dalton, GA  30720
Phone: (706)272-4427; fax: (706)272-2533
U of Michigan's President James Angell's 
  Secret of Success: "Grow antennae, not horns"

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