Regulations are often (always?) inconsiderate

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Sun Aug 29 06:51:09 EDT 1999

Years ago, the USFWS solicited my data regarding a blackbird endemic to 
Puerto Rico that they were in the process of listing as endangered. 
Agreeing that this species was indeed in jeopardy, I complied. 

Some months later I received a letter which I paraphrase as follows: 

'Thank you for your information which helped support our listing of the 
Blackbird as endangered. Please be advised that any further research you 
do on this species may now be illegal.'

I presume I might have applied for an endangered species permit, or I 
might have watched them to my heart's content as long as I didn't record 
any data. 

The response definitely irritated me, but I was glad to see it the 
blackbird listed.  So it's easy for me to be ambivalent. 

Mike Gochfeld

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