Please Identify.

TBug147 tbug147 at
Mon Aug 30 18:18:43 EDT 1999

I have in ownership a Swallowtail Caterpillar. It can be identified as a
swallowtail in "An Instant Guide To Insects"  by Pamela Forey and Cecilia
Fitzsimons on page 41.  I read that there were over 35 species! How can I tell
which of the species it is? It's coloring is a very dark green, it has one
yellow ring with black around it and fake eyes on it's back. It also has orange
"horns" that it ocasionally sticks out. Please send me information regarding
what it eats, what invironment to provide and which of the species it is. I can
be e-mailed at 
TBug147 at
                                        Thankyou,    Katie

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