Question about husbandry of Chilecomadia moorei

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Mon Dec 6 00:52:10 EST 1999

On Sun, 5 Dec 1999 10:09:37 -0500, "Paul F Austin"
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>If they can feed on apple wood, I doubt that there is any chance that the
>USDA is going to allow them to be raised in the US.
>Martha Steuart
>Brevard County, Florida, home of many alien invaders, including now

I'm not worried. All I want is a small colony housed indoors to feed
my reptile collection. The worms I can buy from a pet store less than
a mile from my house. We have 3 apple trees in our yard, so (if they
will indeed grow on apple) I'll have a steady supply of my own wood.
I'm not going to be an idiot like people who release exotics in their
backyards, and if I ever decide to get rid of them they'll be fed out
to my herps. If the USDA says they're illegal, then I'll dispose of
them in the same manner. The worms are already here. I'd just be
growing my own instead of paying $8.50 for 50. And at that price, you
can be sure I'll be keeping track of every one. 

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