Chinese Butterfly - mapwing.bmp (0/2)

C. Wernicke sac65531 at
Tue Dec 14 11:58:59 EST 1999


when i was in china last i saw a butterfly called "map butterfly".  as
might be expected, chinese common names are not the same as english
ones, so this is not the nymphalid thta might be expected.  i am
trying to find images of this butterfly, but in my notebook, i mention
that it has spurs an the hind wings, akin to the lycaenids but it is
larger and does not have the characteristic white rings around the

other notes: from the apex of the fw to the apex of the hw, it is ~5.2
cm.  additional info: white background on both wings, pea green and
black cobwebby markings (hence the common name) with some
rust/yellowish markings.  "v" like band on the dorsal hw... i was
quite preoccupied with this one it seems, it took up 2 pages of my
notebook... any way, i wanted to find out what family it might be in
and whether or not this family is represented here in the states.

sorry, no picture... but attached is "mapwing.bmp" which may
illustrate important points... i hope.  the lines are combo of veins
and wing coloration.


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