Insect Regulations

Sunsol SUNSOL at
Thu Dec 16 21:46:43 EST 1999

> As far as I know, it has never been demonstrated that insects have pain
> receptors--and the concept of 'cruelty' towards organisms that do not
> feel pain is a bit hard to resolve.

Maybe we should assume they feel pain until it is proven otherwise.  They
used to say that baby  boys felt no pain, so anethesia wasn't necessary
during circumcision. I never believed that either.

> On the other hand, even if insects (or bacteria) _do_ feel pain,
> there are problems in treating them like vertebrates. As I mentioned
> earlier, what do you do with insects that have to feed on other insects
> while they are living?

Mammals, such as cats, have to fed mammals, such as mice, also.

> Insects are a very different form of life from vertebrates. Perhaps
> it is inappropriate to unthinkingly extend to insects the same concepts we
> use for other vertebrates...

I think that those who worry only about protecting warm furry animals are
the ones who aren't thinking.

> Ken Philip
> fnkwp at

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