Insect Regulations

Kenelm Philip fnkwp at
Sun Dec 19 22:13:09 EST 1999

	I don't think Neil and I really disagree all that much. He chooses
to emphasize the cases where collecting can damage populations, while I
prefer to rejoice in the many cases (especially in the North) where col-
lecting can be carried out safely.

	With regard to _B. acrocnema_, two points are worth noting:

1) There may be 4 or 5 colonies, rather than 2.

2) This is an endangered species, under ESA, so unpermitted collecting is
against the law. People who engage in illegal collecting may not be con-
cerned about the effects on the population, and arguing about ethics will
not deter them. Arresting them may--but it's difficult to post guards around
the habitat all summer. Any suggestions?

	I had no intention of restarting the 'collecting debate', which is
mainly concerned with the _ethics_ of collecting (should one or not?). I
was merely trying to point out that I disagreed with John Shuey's analysis
of the _effects_ of taking adults, when talking about healthy populations
of (most) insects.

							Ken Philip
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