Insect Regulations

Paul Cherubini cherubini at
Sun Dec 26 15:12:18 EST 1999

Clark Thompson wrote:

> I have some links on my website that refer to other websites where you can
> learn about regulations regarding import/export of insects. 

Clark, I don't think Sally was asking about import/export regulations, but was wondering 
if there were any rules regulating the way scientists may treat insects.  In other words, 
could scientists legally maim or torture them for experimental purposes? 

The answer is yes for insects as well as some vertebrates like mice. 

For example, in order to screen the tumor inducing potential of the hundreds of industrial 
chemicals, cosmetics, pesticides and pharmaceuticals in use, mice are routinely treated 
orally, dermally or forced to breathe near lethal levels of these compounds for two 
consecutive years (if they live that long!). Two years of agony and torture. Then the mice 
are killed to open them up to examine the tissue and organ damage and to see if the 
tumors were benign or malignant. Such studies are mandated by the US Environmental 
Protection Agency.

Paul Cherubini, Placerville, CA

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