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Tue Dec 28 15:36:35 EST 1999

Here is another great example of the common name dilemma. "The Postman" What 
is it? A great question! I looked it up in a couple of my books. I could not 
find any reference to the "The Postman". Scientific names serve a specific 
purpose. Let me explain: My name is Leroy C. Koehn, my wife occasionally 
refers to me as "ASSHOLE" . I am sure that if I ask someone, anyone who is 
ASSHOLE, my name, along with 2 jillion others would be assigned to it.


While traveling to Key Largo with several other collectors, I was recently 
called an "ASSHOLE" when I cut this fat lady off in traffic. 

Aren't you offended, I was asked by one of my fellow collectors. 

No, I explained, that woman loves me!

She didn't sound like she loved you to me, responded my fellow collector.

I know she loves me, I said with a smile, my wife loves me and she calls me 
an ASSHOLE all the time!

Do I make my point

Leroy C. Koehn
Lake Worth, FL

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