Why Are Moths Attracted To Lights? -- The Real Answer

JaMeS RuSsElL russell at pin.co.nz
Fri Dec 31 01:19:30 EST 1999

My - we are a little cocky aren't we?
Why anonymous?

Although I am curious - why does a moth want to sleep on a light source? I don't
think you ever really explained that part.
And as for the chicken and egg...the chicken could just as well been mutated (by UV)
which would in turn mean it would lay "mutated" eggs (if the mutation was
tetragenic). These eggs would then gradually become the dominant normal...And thus
the chicken could still have (possibly) come first.

I am not entirely convinced by your moth argument anyway. Any research to back it
up? Or just one man's assumptions? (I've heard a lot of one man's assumptions in my

Although I do agree. Light pollution is a problem on a lot of species' cycles.


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