Why Are Moths Attracted To Lights? -- The Real Answer

Anne Kilmer viceroy at gate.net
Fri Dec 31 15:07:39 EST 1999

For diurnal creatures, light is the way out. This is why the dragonflies
bumble about in my skylight rather than going out the door. Of course,
up is also the way out, which is why so many butterflies die in
Noname's theory is interesting; I just think it needs more investigation
before the Night Sky people run with it. 
Moths are notoriously casual about where they drop their eggs. 
Any idea starts with one person, of course, but then we look at
Light pollution is indeed a horrible problem, and I certainly hope we
solve it. 
There is a huge spotlight on the little school next to my house in
Ireland, and perhaps I should ask ... does it really have to burn all
night? There should be stars. 
Anne Kilmer

Neil Jones wrote:
> In article <7hml6sgbekkft9clfn74t2trnsgrt06qm0 at 4ax.com>
>            nospam at noaddress.com "MyName" writes:
> If this theory is correct why do butterflies also fly to light?
> If you release a butterfly indoors at night it will tend to fly around
> the light source just like a moth does.
> It is also not unknown to find butterflies in moth traps.

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