Butterfly images needed for website

Roger Kuhlman rkuhlman at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 4 23:13:26 EST 1999

I am building a website that reports on butterfly surveys conducted in 
the Greater Washtenaw county area (SE Michigan) over the past five years 
and I would like to illustrate it with some butterfly photos. Does 
anyone know someone who would let me use some of their gifs or jpegs on 
my web pages. 

My site is for educational purposes only. I want to help the people of 
Washtenaw county to understand the rich diversity of butterfly species 
that live in their area and be more willing to protect the habitats upon 
which they depend. I have found that a good way to spark or enhance 
interest in the subject is to present pictures that show the beauty of 
the butterflies involved. 

Can anyone help me.

Roger Kuhlman
rkuhlman at hotmail.com
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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