What do sisters eat?

Neil Reimer nreimer at elele.peacesat.hawaii.edu
Mon Feb 8 12:23:08 EST 1999

According to Scott in "Butterflies of N.A.", they feed on Quercus
chrysolepis, vaccinifolia, agrifolia, douglasi, wizlizenii, kelloggii,
gambelii, turbinella, and Castanopsis chrysophylla.

I have found them on the Canyon Oak (Q. chrysolepis).  This is an evergreen

Sunsol Daniels <MYTZ14A at prodigy.com> wrote in article
<79hjqs$1h0u$1 at newssvr04-int.news.prodigy.com>...
> I just looked California sisters up in my Peterson field guide.  It says 
> that they eat oaks.  But what kind?  Evergreen or diciduous?  Native or 
> exotic?  All oaks?
> Sally

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