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Pierre A Plauzoles ae779 at lafn.org
Tue Feb 9 02:02:59 EST 1999

In a previous article, venters at interalpha.co.uk ("Nigel Venters") says:

>Anne Kilmer wrote:
>> What I like about these silly butterfly houses is that their owners are
>> trying to  do something nice for nature. It's a start.........but we
>> might keep a few of the species we're hot on exterminating ... I'd like
>> that.
>[You're] right Anne, it is good to see people giving nature some thought,
>however I would guess that most of the UK population would be amazed to
>learn that adult butterflies overwinter. 
>Butterflies are getting  a higher profile now in the UK (I'm afraid moths
>lag a long way behind!), and some excellent work has been done to promote
>this. I'm afraid that when it comes to preservation of threatened species
>our efforts leave a lot to be desired. We can protect a species by banning
>all collecting & trade, but if a developer wants to build houses on the
>site thats OK. All rather odd logic to me.  

O... or use it as the site for an open-pit coal mine.

>> I may have ruined my own Irish tool shed as a butterfly hibernaculum,
>> when I roofed it in Perspex (transparent roofing material) ... will they
>> mind it being so light in there? It'll be dry and warm....... 
>Transparent roofing won't help much... The real reason that they look for a
>dark place is that there are no natural equivalents in nature to
>glass/perspex etc. Therefore light to butterfly...equals... Not enough
>protection to last the winter. It may be dry and warm but the butterfly has
>to make the decision... will it remain dry & warm throughout winter?
>However you may well be ok if you have dark areas within the shed. 

What if you put some rough opaque material along the upper edges for them to 
hang onto in the corners or maybe put a small (let's say 6x6") cardboard 
box with the bottom cut out in each corner?  Would that not make a 
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