butterfly houses

Anne Kilmer viceroy at gate.net
Tue Feb 9 16:00:01 EST 1999

Nigel Venters wrote:
> Anne Kilmer wrote:
> > What I like about these silly butterfly houses is that their owners a
> > I may have ruined my own Irish tool shed as a butterfly hibernaculum,
> > when I roofed it in Perspex (transparent roofing material) ... will they
> > mind it being so light in there? It'll be dry and warm.......
> Transparent roofing won't help much... The real reason that they look for a
> dark place is that there are no natural equivalents in nature to
> glass/perspex etc. Therefore light to butterfly...equals... Not enough
> protection to last the winter. It may be dry and warm but the butterfly has
> to make the decision... will it remain dry & warm throughout winter?
> However you may well be ok if you have dark areas within the shed.

I have to admit that I roofed the shed for my own fell porpoises,
without thought of butterflies ... it would be a dandy place to start
seeds, for instance. And I can see to use power tools. Any minute now it
won't be very transparent anyway ... 
such is the nature of Perspex. 
There are various old sacks on nails, an old chest of drawers etc. ... 
Those should serve the butterflies well and, when the wrens moves back
in next spring, won't they be pleased. 
Anne Kilmer
South Florida

(Tell me, by the way, what the Babelfish thought of those porpoises.
purposes would probably make it happier.)

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