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I don't think the Royal Blue is a reference to a California butterfly.  I've
heard the name applied to Morpho's.  I've never heard of any California
species/ssp/races referred to as a Royal Blue.  I'm certainly not the final
word, but that's my two and half cents.

Mark Walker
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> I was asked what a Royal Blue butterfly is.  What is its genus species?
> What
> was it split off from?  Alternate names?
> It is not listed as a species in the 1998 4JBC.  My impression is that it
> is in
> the genus Plebejus.  The question was posed to me by someone at Joshua
> Tree
> National Park, so I presume it is found in the deserts of southern
> California. 
> I did not find any reference to it in a quick look at Emmel and Emmel, or
> Tilden and Smith.   I do not have a copy of Emmel's book yet, so I can not
> check that reference.
> Can anyone help?
> Thanks,
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