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Thu Feb 11 00:07:21 EST 1999

In a previous article, butrfly at EPIX.NET (Rick Mikula) says:

>Heliconius wrote:
>> I am looking for several dozen Agraulis vanillae live eggs or larvae for a
>> science project (feeds on Passiflora.)  Need by Feb. 15th, if not sooner.  I
>> would be willing to purchase and pick up if you are in Los Angeles Co.,
>> Orange Co., or San Bernadino Co.,  CA.
>> Thank You.
>	In your area you will want to contact Sheri Smith Moreau. She 
>operates the Butterfly Conservatory in Carmel.  sheri at 

What Rick wrote may be true, but there is something else you should 
consider: the gulf fritillary is pretty frost-sensitive.  For that 
reason, it should be kept in a controlled-temperature environment, 
especially this winter, with temperatures that won't fry or freeze it.  
Likewise the passionvine itself.  Talk about the larval host, there is 
one species on which the female will oviposit, but which is not ideal for 
the larvae (so I have heard).  I use the blue crown passionvine, 
Passsiflora caerulea.

If you are looking for larvae *now*, as seems to be the case, go 
somewhere that has fairly mild winters somewhere where there are several 
large passionvines where you can gain access to the vines without 
needing permission to collect.  Needing information on passionvines, I went 
to a large nursery in northern San Diego County; finding caterpillars, I 
inquired and was instantly given permission.  Of course, I did not take 
any foliage since I was heading home immediately and had abundant foliage 
on the back fence.

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