need of Gulf Fritillary

Mark Walker MWalker at
Thu Feb 11 12:48:52 EST 1999

Paul Cherubini wrote:

> Pierre A Plauzoles wrote:
> > What Rick wrote may be true, but there is something else you should
> > consider: the gulf fritillary is pretty frost-sensitive.  For that
> > reason, it should be kept in a controlled-temperature environment,
> > especially this winter, with temperatures that won't fry or freeze it.
> > Likewise the passionvine itself.  
> The person requesting the gulf fritillary livestock appears to live in the
> Los Angeles Basin 
> area where Gulf Fritillaries and their passion vine host plants have a
> decades long history 
> of surviving the winters without a major problem. No need for "temperature
> controlled 
> environments" unless a rare intrusion of Arctic air arrives -- that
> happens roughly once 
> every 5-15 years and usually in December or January.
Actually, we've been freezing our butts off down here this winter.
Yesterday, once again, there was quite a layer of frost on the roof of my
car as it sits about two miles from the Pacific Ocean.  One day in January,
I was stunned to find that a two-inch solid chunk of ice had formed in an
upside down trash can lid.  Lots of moisture, but way too cold for this
x-Vermonter.  I wonder how the leps will fare this spring...

Mark Walker
Mission Viejo, CA

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