Migration of Anaphaeis java (Caper White) in Australia

Steve Law steve at solitary-sound.com
Sun Feb 7 18:37:07 EST 1999

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and also obseved a large migratory flight
of Anapheis java teutonia last spring. The flight reached it's peak around
18/10/1998, when dozens of the butterflies could be observed wherever you
looked. I even managed to collect some specimens from the balcony of my
inner urban apartment!
 I can't really add much to the info you already have regarding these
migrations, but I do know that large migrations do not reach Melbourne
every year. Some years very few individuals are observed, then in other
years there may be vast numbers. Last year's migration was the largest I
have seen for many years, though I have been overseas during
October/November several times during the 90's. The last flight of the
size I observed last year that I can remember was in 1976 or '77 (when I
was a primary school kid!).

 ----- STEVE

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