BF Lists in Parks, Preserves, etc.

wanda be496 at
Thu Feb 18 04:17:26 EST 1999

Dear Paul,

Sounds like a terrific service!  THANKS SO MUCH for keeping us
informed.  Will help spread the word....

			Cheers,   Wanda Dameron, Los Angeles

"Paul A. Opler" wrote:
Hi Wanda,
We are starting a site at the Northern Prairie website
that will serve lists of butterflies and other insects from parks,
preserves, and other locations organized by state. This site is almost
ready to go on-line, and will include examples from "Glacier National
Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Colorado National Monument. The
site will be organized similar to the Bird List site also served by
Northern Prairie.

I'm checking on the (Lep.Soc.) post-meeting field trip leaders.

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