California county moth list

Kelly Richers kerichers at
Fri Feb 19 11:12:41 EST 1999

With the help of many others, I am composing a list of California moths and at least one detailed record of that moth from each county in California where it occurs.  If anyone knows of any records available such as museum records or personal collection records, please contact me and I will add them to the database.  This list is in the process of being posted to a website.  The list currently has 12,000 entries and I am adding 3000 every half year if I can find the records.  I can open zipped files if needed and have a tech to assist me with the opening of files.  

Hard copies of the list are available for $6.00 each to cover postage and printing, and any county in California is available for $2.00 to cover the same costs.  The county lists range from Riverside with over 1000 entries to Kings with 3.  Included with your lists will be a state moth list and a list of the numbers of species known from each county, along with letters detailing the sending of information to the data base.  Please help if you have access to any records or want to spend some time looking records up in a museum to add to this work!


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