Orphaned Butterfly collection

TMoore15 tmoore15 at aol.com
Tue Feb 23 10:02:15 EST 1999

My parents have asked me to look for someone who might be interested in a
framed set of butterflies that they have to get rid of.  It is part of an
estate and they have to sell it.  I dont know many details about it other than
my father mentioned he thought it has some specimines that are not sent to this
country anymore, but I dont know for sure.  They are looking to contact anyone
who would be interested in it.  I do know the people who owned it bought it as
an art piece.  If you would have an interest in it feel free to email me at
TMoore15 at aol.com and I will either get more details for you or have my parents
call.  Thanks

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