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Thu Feb 25 22:23:48 EST 1999

Bob Stewart from Patagonia reports an early Zela Metalmark (Emisis zela)
in Temporal Canyon on 15 February, a Goatweed Leafwing (Anaea andria)
(much rarer here than A. aidea) in Harshaw Creek on 21 February, and
Sarah's Orangetips(Anthocharis sara) in Sabino Canyon and Molina Basin
on 22 February.
While our yard in Carr Canyon at 5000' had the first Zela's show up on
24 February (visiting the buds of Populis fremontii in our front yard)
and White-barred Skipper (Atrytonopsis pittacus) on 25 February also on
our yard nectaring on a hummingbird feeder.  This is a good month early
for the Huachucas. 
With the dry weather warm days producing early hatches and because
flowers and wet spots are few to nonexistent, any moist area can attract
interesting species.
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