Looking for Pycina, Hamadryas and Manataria

Orlando Muyshondt orlando.muyshondt at skynet.be
Sat Feb 27 07:48:06 EST 1999

We are interested in three species of neotropical butterflies: Hamadryas
glauconome (Bates) Pycina (zamba) zelys Godman and Salvin and Manataria
maculata Hopffer. Last publication we are aware of is "Butterflies of Costa
Rica, by P.J. De Vries, 1987, who has witenessed oviposition of two of them
and migration of the third.
We will appreciate any additional information about them particularly of the
early stages and if possible obtain the name of the publications where they
appear, so we can try to obtaine them.

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