New Callippe Siver Spot colony

Sunsol Daniels MYTZ14A at
Wed Jan 6 08:39:33 EST 1999

>I assume that we are talking about some ssp. of Speyeria callippe (S. c.

>callippe)?  Since the foodplant is easy enough to grow, why isn't 
>attempting to rear this Fritillary?  Since adults oviposit when the 
>have died back, they depend on habitats which are undisturbed over many
>seasons (that is, where the foodplant is sustained).  Golf courses 
>seem to fit into that sort of category.  Empty lots adjacent to golf 
>don't fit into that category, either.


I don't understand.  Violets don't die back.  And I have never heard of a 
butterfly that lays eggs on dead foliage.  Please fill me in.


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