Identification blues...

priamus at priamus at
Thu Jan 7 16:57:53 EST 1999

Image 1: is Euchiris longimanus & is a Male from the Sulawesi region.
Wingspan is approx 175mm when spread.

Image 2: the first specimen is Euchiris longimanus Female (note the
shorter legs). I regularly set & mount these specimens as pairs which
retail @ AUD$ 135 for the pair in my double glass displays (permitting
visual access from both sides).

I can't help you with identification of the others (I am not really into
Coleoptera) but suggest you email Maurizio Gigli : "m.gigli.bup at"

He is a very nice guy and I'm sure he'll be able to identify the others.
Chris Hocking
Papillon Entomology . . . . . . Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Don't take life too seriously . . . . . Nobody gets out alive!

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