FW: New Callippe Siver Spot colony

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Wed Jan 13 03:00:32 EST 1999

I hate it when I do this.  I forgot to send this to the list, so now it's
like totally unclear who wrote it.  Neil will get two copies.  Life is
grand.  That's what I get for writing email at 2:30 a.m.


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> On Neil's remarks regarding S. callippe:
> <snippage>
> The available research shows that butterfly introductions are very
> very seldom successful over the long term.
> Neil makes a point that attempts to relocate butterfly habitats are
> usually unsuccessful and perhaps often insincere.  I won't argue with the
> latter, for I am obviously not suggesting that we build golf courses
> wherever we please and simply find other places for the Fritillary to
> live.
> What I am suggesting, however, is that this butterflies habitat might be
> easy enough to reproduce on secured lands so that population
> management/preservation can be attempted.  I said the same thing for the
> Karner Blue while living in northern New England (regarding the Concord,
> N.H. sites), but everyone seemed to think that that was too difficult
> also.
> Maybe we're just doing a real crappy job of this (or perhaps not
> attempting it at all).  Meanwhile, we all whine while the last remaining
> pockets are being developed.
> Again - it's not like we're talking about coastal sand dunes here.  How
> hard is it to grow Violets and Lupine?
> Oh well.  My son's visiting friends in Vermont, and he's getting buried in
> snow.  I'm in Massachusetts, getting reacquainted with winter, though the
> temperatures here have been considerably warmer than Vermont.
> On January 2, 1999, in Cambria, CA:  warm weather and hundreds and
> hundreds of Monarchs.  It's great to see them when everything else is
> basically gone.  Couldn't find a butterfly tree this time, though.
> Mark Walker.

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