Noctua pronuba in USA

John Grehan jrg13 at
Fri Jan 15 10:47:59 EST 1999

>John Grehan, I've taken some teleological shortcuts here; I do not
>propose to wrangle with you about first causes. Lighten up.
>Anne Kilmer
>South Florida

As long as the teology is not a pretense of representing the empirical
nature of the real world I have no objection to express. Its when I
see students of science spout what comes across as a lot of nonsense
(i.e. no empirical connection) that I feel it reasonable to comment. It
has nothing to do with lightening up. That would be like saying to you
"get a life". Its unecessary to make personal judgemets of this
kind when all that is required is to declare a different perspective or
philosophy - as you did in the main sentence above.

John Grehan

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