N.pronuba in USA

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Fri Jan 15 13:39:55 EST 1999

Hi, all. I am yet ANOTHER Jonathan! Jonathan, (the second one), I
would like to know what the date is for your pronuba specimen, I'm
fairly certain that I have the first New Jersey record (just a matter
of vanity, I guess!)  Anyway, I must concur with J. Himmel, I'm pretty
sure that pronuba was intro'ed about 1979 or so, not 1994 as you said.
I could be wrong, tho. Still a very rapid spread, and I share your
concerns as regards its pest potential. The Eyewitness Guide mentioned
by Himmel treats international species, so maybe isn't strictly an
"American" lep. book, but is indeed an example of the literature
available which mentions this species. Not a bad book at that. I also
id'ed my pronuba spec. using that book, when I was frustrated by not
having found it in Charlie Covell's guide. Remove the "X's" from email
to reply. Let's keep those Spam-Bots guessing!

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