a basic, probably dumb question I haven't found the answer to yet.

eyoll at mcia.com eyoll at mcia.com
Sun Jan 17 22:54:02 EST 1999

Thanks so much for your quick reply!  I appreciate it.


At 08:39 PM 1/18/1999 -0300, Doug Yanega wrote:

>I suppose I'm not the only person who has seen butterflies attracted to
>orange or yellow objects that have no scent at all. Secondly, of the
>butterfly-pollinated flowers I know personally (quite a few here in
>Brazil), I cannot think of one with a noticeable scent, in *strong*
>contrast with moth-pollinated flowers. Given these observations, it seems
>that scent is unlikely to be critical for most butterflies (but I always
>will allow for possible exceptions). Others here may know better.

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