a basic, probably dumb question I haven't found the answer to yet.

Ernest Williams ewilliam at hamilton.edu
Tue Jan 19 08:13:26 EST 1999

Just to add to Niklas' comments - for oviposition, scent can help females
find the right plants.  Volatiles enhance landing rates in _Papilio
polyxenes_, the Black Swallowtail (North Amer.). (Feeny et al., 1989, J.
Insect Behav. 2:803-827)

Ernest Williams

>...Ovipositing females however appear to be attracted by
>leaf shape. This has been shown for one species of swallowtail (Battus
>philenor if I remember correctly). The melitaeines that I have studied also
>prefer to land on plant species with similar leaf shape to their host plant
>when ovipositing, though I haven't tested this rigorously. Once they have
>landed, they taste the plant to identify it.

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