Hibernating mourning cloak in Oregon, USA

Shueyi at aol.com Shueyi at aol.com
Sun Jan 24 17:05:43 EST 1999

This is very similar to what I saw with Compton Tortoiseshell when I lived
near Traverse City, Michigan.  At best I'd see 1-2 adults all summer anywhere
in the county, and none around my house.  Yet our small barn always had about
10 hibernators each spring, trying to get out the glass windows.  Where do
they come from (or I suppose where do they go)?

John Shuey 

 We found our first butterfly of 1999 this morning while getting ready to
 take the trash to the dump!  I fetched a tarp from the barn to cover the
 load, and after we finished spreading it, Patricia found a mourning
 cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) on her blouse.  It was a ragged adult.  I was
 surprised because we don't see them very often even in the summertime
 around here - this is something like the third one I've seen in twelve
 years on the farm.  Patricia put it back in the barn.
 Cheers, Jeff >>

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