Andrew Yeats ayeats at bigfoot.com
Mon Jan 25 20:58:31 EST 1999

I haven't seen ths site, (I will in just a minute) 

Just one thing. Don't use the BLINK tag! I REPEAT DO NOT USE THE BLINK TAG!

Also, don't get too carried away with javascripts, frames, animated gifs,
etc. Interface is nice, but it is the content that really matters. Don't
get so caugt up in the multimedia that it takes priority over the work
that you made the page to show in the first place. Save perfection for the
darkroom. Not the keyboard.

Just an opinion.


In article <7846l9$5v1$1 at news.casema.net>, "Ric" <rhjo at casema.net> wrote:

> Hi..... nice pictures
> the only thing i like to see is some graphics like buttons and animated gif
> and maybe some script
> Ric


Andrew Yeats

Artificial intelligence is no match for human stupidity.

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