Leps in the S.W.

llecerf at videotron.ca llecerf at videotron.ca
Tue Jan 26 22:25:15 EST 1999

Bonjour ! I am also interested by these tips, because I am planning vacation
too with my family in a few months, both visiting and collecting, in this
beautiful country. Do anybody know the conditions for collecting in Arizona ?
Thanks Laurent http://pages.infinit.net/laurentl

In article <36AD28B6.6DDD at ix.netcom.com>,
  Brian Beard <bbeards at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> Travel tips please.
> 	I have this February off for vacation and want to see the South
> West.  Do you know of or can you suggest any sites for Lep watching in
> around, or on the way to these cities on my itenerary?
> 	San Diego to Imperial to Phoenix to Roswell to San Antonio to
> Brownsville then back.
> 	Any ideas for this butterfly on the brains road trip?
> 	Thanks in advance,
> 		Brian

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