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> hello,
> Could anyone tell me if there is a web site that has a search engine for
> common and latin names of butterflies.
> A friend gave me some butterflies in a box, but only the common names are on
> it.
> If they are easy then perhaps someone could let me know. these are the six
> names on the case:

> thanks in advance
> Graham.
 These all sound like south-east Asian butterflies. I can only offer an
approximation on the scientific names of some of these:

 striped blue bottle - probably a Graphium species, possibly a sub-species
of   Graphium sarpedon
 clipper - Parthenos sylvia
 orange albatross - Appias sp, possibly Appias nero
 malasian jay - possibly a Malaysian sub-species of Graphium agamemnon
 great orange tip - Hebomoia glaucippe
 and banded peacock - ???

 Hope this has been some help.

 --- STEVE

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