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Wed Jan 27 23:01:46 EST 1999

Not too sure why my earlier email went out blank but here goes again...

Hi Graham,

Looks like you got a box of tropical butterflies (particularly from 
Malaysia), from their common names that were given.  Because there are 
so many different look-alike species in the tropics, common 
name-scientific name relationships are often inaccurate, as collectors 
in different countries tend to coin up new common names all the time.

To help you narrow the search, I can offer some suggestions for the 
species you have in your box:

Striped Bluebottle - Probably Graphium sarpedon (we call it the Common 
Bluebottle here, but yours could be a different species)

Clipper - Parthenos sylvia lilacinus.  This one's probably P sylvia, but 
there are so many different subspecies around, you can't be sure which 
particular subspecies.

Orange Albatross - Appias nero figulna.  This species is quite unique 
and occurs in Malaysia. Bright orange with dark veins on the upperside.

Malaysian Jay - Graphium doson evemonides.  A probability here.  There 
are five look-alikes and it could be any one of them.

Great Orange Tip - Hebomia glaucippe arturia.  Again, many subspecies in 
the region but if your specimen came from Malaysia, then this is likely 
to be the one.

Banded Peacock - Papilio palinurus palinurus.  Quite a distinct species 
with iridescent green band on the upperside and has been bred in 
butterfly farms in Malaysia for export overseas.

Hope this helps.  Cheers.

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