Buttefly ID's wanted

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Thu Jan 28 00:40:54 EST 1999

Ha!  That is pretty funny.

After careful consideration, I have to admit - being a lone photographer on
a trip with 40 collectors may in fact be the only thing worse than being a
lone collector on a trip with 40 photographers.  Either way, pretty much

Still, you managed to click off some very nice pics.  Glad you got the
"bugs" worked out.

(still chuckling) Mark Walker
presently in Phoenix, AZ  USA

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> Hi Everyone:
>         Let me try this one more time. 
>     In May 1990 I went on a package tour to Tinalandia, Ecuador, with
> about 40 butterfly, moth and beetle collectors, with the sole aim of
> photographing butterflies. This was a less than a smart move on my part,
> something akin to going bird watching with a group of wildfowlers. I
> managed to get several photographs that have been sitting in my file
> cabinets ever since. The time is ripe to put names on these butterflies.
> In this country of ice and snow it's a pleasant diversion to remember
> warmer times.
>      My earlier attempt to place 4 images on my webpage was a dismal
> failure. Doug Yanega offered some sound advice,  that the identifications
> I am seeking could be found in Smart's "Encyclopedia of the Butterfly
> World". I tentatively identified 2 of the 4 species as Marpesia harmonia
> and Marpesia iole. However, I suspect that there are many "look-alike"
> species in Ecuador (as there are in North America) and I really would like
> to get the opinion of someone who is familiar with the South American
> fauna. I could not hazard a guess at the 2 other species.
>     If there are people out there who believe that they may be able to
> positively ID these Ecuadorian butterflies, please take a look at them on
> my webpage and attempt to do so. I have images of several other species
> that I will attempt to identify before submitting them to interested
> viewers. These are all photo's of live insects taken in the field and thus
> they may not show the diagnostic characters needed for positive
> identifications.
>     Hopefully this URL works:
> <http://personal.nbnet.nb.ca/mothman/Tinalandia_Butterflies_GroupI.html>
> Tony
> mothman at nbnet.nb.ca <mailto:mothman at nbnet.nb.ca>

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