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protect habitat is based on unanticipated side effects of this procedure.
It does make unrelated field research on other components of the endangered
habitat much harder, and often impossible for unfunded or amateur
researchers. The proliferation of regulations are indeed an impediment,
requiring expenditure of research time and bureaucratic energy to satisfy
the letter of laws not written to cover the activity but extended to
include it as an afterthought. This is the best I can say about the process
in a democratic law abiding country. In other countries the permit
procedure may include a catch-22 that is unattainable and renders the
desired research activity to be not legally possible. When the democratic
country requires permits from the other country for admittance of research
materials - the result is to render research on whole systematic groups in
arbitrary geographic regions off limits for any low-budget researcher.
   I cannot ask tourist friends off to an interesting place, to bring me
back a few cockroach specimens, the way I used to. I now have to make my
own permitted expedition to do this sampling. The serendipetous collecting
that enriched the research of our predecessors, on whose shoulders we
stand, is no longer possible.
........Chris Durden
At 06:28  1/07/99 +0200, you wrote:
>At 23:17 30/06/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>  Yes this approach works in France, a country of mostly well educated, law
>>observing citizens under a relatively strong government, but would it work
>>in Serbia, Bulgaria, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Congo, Colombia ..... ?
>>A lot of the world, is not like Western Europe or USA. What conservation
>>policies would work in these other countries?
>>........Chris Durden
>You're right, it's the reason why I began my message with
>'In democratic countries'.
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